The main military unit in the empire is the Legion. Within the Legion Humans make up the main bulk of the unit in theDragon Empire. They are the ones that do most of the grunt work. Humans mostly only rise to the rank of Centurion with a select few rising to the rank of Legatus. Dragonborn are reserved for elite troops and calvary, or for leadership positions such as a Centurion or Legatus

The Legion broke down as follows:

1 Contubernium = 8 Men or Dragonborn

10 Contubernia = 1 Century = 80 Men or Dragonborn

2 Centuries = 1 Maniple = 160 Men or Dragonborn

6 Centuries = 1 Cohort = 480 Men or Dragonborn

10 Cohorts = 1 Legion 5120 Men or Dragonborn

These numbers do not include the calvary (horse riders and Drakeriders)


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